Moose Cardigan (only 6m left)
Moose Cardigan (only 6m left)

Moose Cardigan (only 6m left)

$ 30.00
See size chart
Quick! It's a mini-run of mini-sized cardigans!
We make most of our cardigans from scratch, but every once in a while we find some Carter's brand onesies in patterns that are just begging to be cardigans.  
We cut them up, add trim, and sew them back together and just like that, they are 1,000 times cuter than before! 
This includes the cardigan, a plain white under-onesie, and a black houndstooth bowtie (or feel free to request a different one in the note at checkout!)

Size exchanges always ok!


We use carters brand bodysuits for all of our outfits.  

Size Newborn is recommended for a take-home. Size 3m is recommended for babies 1 month and older.

Size Weight Length
Newborn 5-8 lbs up to 21"
3m 8-13 lbs 21-24"
6m 13-17 lbs 24-27"
9m 17-21 lbs 27-29"
12m 21-25 lbs 29-30"
18m 25-28 lbs 30-33"
24m 28-30 lbs 33-34"



Tshirts run true to size, (if anything slightly long and lean).  We have our own self-branded tshirts and also use a blank shirt company as a backup.  We try our best to give you shirts of the same brand in a single order, but you may receive different brands in different orders.


Pants sizes run very close to Carters for Newborn through 12m.  


The plain white bodysuit under the cardigan is carters brand, and the cardigan is made to fit comfortably on top. Buy according to the size your child wears in carters. Newborn recommended for a coming home outfit. 

Leg warmers:

Leg warmers measure about 12" long and fit ages 6-18 months best.


Straps are all one size. It is 14" long with 3" of velcro on each size, adjusting from about 9" to 13" and should fit from about 6 months to 12 years. Please measure your son's neck to be sure it will fit.

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