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Ultimate Baptism Planning Guide Part 2: Godparents

February 26, 2017 3 min read

This post is part 2 of our Ultimate Baptism Planning Guide series. Read Part 1: The ceremony here. 

Choosing godparents advice and tips

Not all religions require you to have godparents or sponsors. But if yours does, choosing them for your baby boy is extremely important (and potentially stressful!) Many people choose siblings, other relatives, or very close friends to stand in these important roles.

choosing godparents

In the past, godparents were to be the people that took care of a child if something happened to his parents. Although it’s a bit different these days, you should still choose people that will be role models in your child’s life and in their faith.

Here's how to choose godparents for your baby:

    1. Check your church's requirements
    2. Discuss with your spouse/partner
    3. Ask them (try something fun or cute!)
    4. Confirm schedules
    5. Thank them! 

5 steps for choosing godparents

1. Check your church's requirements

Each church has a different set of standards for choosing godparents. Before you ask someone to be a godfather or mother, make sure the person fits your church's requirements so you don’t have to retract the offer (that would be awkward!)  

“The godparents required paperwork from their parishes that confirmed they were practicing Catholics.” - Taryn P from New York

If your church has a website, check there first for a list of godparent/sponsor requirements and if you can’t find it there, just call the church office and a staff member can assist you. 

“Because she is married, our Godmother's marriage had to be recognized by the Church.” - Emily

choosing a godmother for infant boy

2. Discuss with your spouse/partner

Next of course you need to agree on godparents/sponsors with your spouse! The key here is compromise.  You could choose one from each side of the family, such as your sister and your spouse’s brother.

My husband and I each chose our best friend to be godmother and godfather. While we both have brothers they are already our son's uncles. We wanted our best friends to have a special part of our son's life.” - Jenna from New Jersey

Or maybe a best friend or someone who has been a mentor in your own life.

“[We chose] our best friends from high school. At first we were going to go with siblings but didn't want to cause conflict by choosing one before the other.” - Dawn 

3. Ask them (try something fun or cute!)

Looking for ideas for asking godparents? There are so many ways! You can simply ask them in person or you can send a gift. 

picking godparents for baby boy

Gifts can range from something silly, like a "Godfather" beer glass, to something sentimental like a poem and handprint from baby.

4. Confirm schedules

After the godparents-to-be have happily accepted, you will need to check everyone's schedule to make sure they are available to attend the ceremony. If they live out-of-town and need to make travel arrangements, be sure to ask them very far in advance.

“Be considerate of both the parents & Godparents work schedule when planning such a memorable event in your child's life.” -  Lupita Gonzalez

5. Plan to thank them 

Don't forget to thank the godparents after the ceremony. You can write a small card or do something special for your godparents/sponsors by giving them a gift at the baptism. This is not required, but is a nice touch you will want to plan ahead for. 


Read more!  Ultimate Baptism Planning Guide Part 3: The Reception! 

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baby boy baptism outfits


Ryann Kahn
Ryann Kahn

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