About CSD

When my first son Jason was born, I struggled trying to shop for him. 

I remember going to an outdoor market for one of his first outings, excited to buy him something.  But there was literally not a single baby boy clothing item, toy, or accessory for sale - though there were many tents filled with hair bows, dresses, and tutus.

   Shopping for him at the mall was no better. I couldn't help but notice the boys section of clothing stores seemed like an afterthought - a small corner with few, tired choices.  And dressy boys styles were designed like accessories to girls' dresses, rather than as show-stopping outfits on their own.  

I wanted to make clothes that celebrated our baby boys.  And made shopping for them fun!

Baby Boy and Mommy Love

 So in late 2012, I started making little snap-on tie and suspender outfits and baby cardigans in my Etsy shop, Cuddle Sleep Dream, (fun fact: the name comes from my original Etsy product: baby blankets made out of Cuddle fabrics!) and the current business was born.

In 2014, I was able to quit my day job to work on CSD full time. 

In 2016, my second son, Leo was born. 

And in 2019, CSD moved out of my home and into a commercial space in Hatboro, PA.  

All of our clothes are still proudly made by hand in small batches. Our team of 10 people design, make, pack, and ship every order.  


We believe that baby boy clothes should be ridiculously cute, easy to find, and fun to shop for.  


And while my goal was to fill the sad void of cute baby boy clothes in the universe - I also firmly believe that anyone who loves our clothes should wear them.  I love seeing your sweet baby boys and girls in everything we make!

- Ryann Kahn

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