Hi friends! Here are some quick answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and website.

How fast can I get this?!?

Please see this page for detailed info about our shipping and processing times.

What size should I get?

Why are baby sizes always so confusing? Not only does every brand do things a little different, but babies are always doing that pesky "growing" and "getting bigger" thing no matter how often we tell them to please stop with that!

Anyway, all of our size charts can be found here. We also wrote a blog article specifically about what size to get your newborn (hint: probably size Newborn!). 

What is the return policy?

In short, returns and exchanges are always ok on non-personalized items. 

More details of returns can be found here.

Where can I find the care instructions?

Care instructions are right here!

Why does my bowtie look droopy?

It might be on upside-down! Check out the video below.

How can I reach someone?


The quickest way to reach us is my email! Please use this form or send us a message to info@cuddlesleepdream.com (and please include your order number if you have one!)

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