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Care Instructions

Keeping your CSD dapper and clean is easy!

Tie & Suspender Shirts/Onesies

The onesie or tshirt and suspender fabrics have been pre-washed in hypoallergenic detergent to prevent shrinkage and bleeding when you wash it at home.

Snap tie off shirt.  Slip knot off tie and set aside (technically you can wash the knot, but it's easy to lose, so I like to just leave it on top of the washer!)

Machine wash suspender top and tie with like colors - medium heat, medium dryer.  No special treatment is needed. 

You can spot treat stains, use soak cycles, and even use a bleach pen on white parts.

You can iron the shirts, but be careful to avoid the d-rings and plastic snaps (they melt!)


Cardigans have not been prewashed and shrinkage is expected and accounted for in our pattern.

If your little guy is wearing it for a special occasion, you may want to try it on him and give it a wash if it seems big.  You also may want to pre-wash it if it's a coming home outfit. 

Cardigans can be washed warm and dried medium.  No special care is needed.

If you got a bowtie onesie for under the cardigan, that has already been pre-washed. Follow instructions for Tie & Suspender tops above.

You can iron the cardigans. Be careful to avoid the plastic snaps if yours has them.

Basic Baby Pants/Shorts

These instructions are for the solid colored, basic ribbed baby pants and shorts - NOT leggings.

Pants are 100% cotton.  Shrinkage is accounted for in the pattern.  They are not pre-washed. 

Wash medium with like colors, dry medium.

Leggings / Cuff Shorts

Leggings and cuff shorts require extra care.  Most are made from digitally printed fabrics, which do fade over time.

Treat knees and stains with Oxyclean or Shout as needed.

Wash cold (a long soaking cycle is great if they are soiled) INSIDE OUT. 

No bleach.

Hang dry. No dryer.

You can iron the seams and cuffs, but use a press cloth to protect the fabric.

Folding Bowties

Here are some handy instructions for re-folding a bowtie.  You can actually print out this paper on a 4x6 photo sheet and use it as a guide to fold them.

Lose a knot? Melt your snaps? Contact us, we can help!