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6 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Boy Mom

6 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Boy Mom

By: Jess W.


If I were to say that being an all boy mom was easy, I would be lying. Being a boy mom is far from easy, but it’s my life. When it comes to being a boy mom, you learn things along the way. I know way more now than I ever did when I first started this journey. Here are 6 things I’ve learned about being a boy mom.

#1. Boys have a lot of energy.

If there is one thing I know now about being a boy mom, it is that boys have a lot of energy. From the time they wake up till they go down for bed, they are full of energy. Most boys love to jump, run, climb, and so on. Of course, this doesn’t fit the profile for every boy, but it does ours.

#2. Boys have to learn from their own mistakes.

When it comes to being a boy mom, they don’t always listen the first time. Sometimes boys just have to learn from their own mistakes. Whether that means learning not to jump off a tall building or rub their eyes after playing with sand.


#3. I’ve learned that my boys have my heart.

From the moment I laid eyes on them till the minute they go out on their own, I have learned that my boys will always have my heart. I will treasure the crazy, sticky, whirlwind moments that come with raising boys. While I may not appreciate every weird moment now, I know soon enough that these memories will be the most tender moments in my elderly years.

#4. Boys really are fun to dress.

I used to hear that girls were more fun to dress than boys. That’s not true! Over time, I’ve really learned how to be an awesome boy dresser (hint check out Cuddle Sleep Dream). If you look close enough, there are options. (You just have to fight the other boy moms for all the cute stuff!)

#5. I’ve learned that boys have emotions too.

It can be so frustrating raising boys in a society that believe boys should not have emotions. Boys get sad about their fish dying. Boys get sad about hurting someone’s feelings. Boys get sad when someone else is hurting. Boys love deeply and hurt deeply. Boys are no different in the emotions department than girls. This is why parents of boys should be even more sensitive to the emotions of boys.

#6. I’ve learned that boys don’t care about being messy.

It’s so true! My boys don’t care about dirt on their cheek or stains on their clothes. They care about how much of a mess they can make and how quickly. Don’t worry, though, allowing boys to be messy helps build their character and helps them be a kid, which is exactly what they should be doing.

I’d love to hear some things you have learned about being a boy mom. I think we can all agree that while this is a crazy ride, it’s one we wouldn’t change for the world.


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