How to Coordinate Sibling Outfits (7 ways!)

June 13, 2016 2 min read 2 Comments

Another question I get from a lot of customers is, "how do I coordinate sibling outfits for my boys?"

Whether it's family photos or a holiday shoot, pictures just look so much better with nice, coordinated outfits. But putting together those coordinating outfits for boys can be tough - especially when you are trying to do it from behind a computer!

Luckily, our awesome customers have been sending us their pictures for years, so we have a ton of examples to show you!

Here are some of the most popular ways to coordinate brother outfits for your boys:

1. Identical matching.

The most popular, and easiest, option is to pick an outfit you love and just get it twice! 

2. Switch the tie type.

Same suspenders, same tie fabric, but one bowtie and one necktie is another easy option.  

Pro tip: many people get the bowtie on the littler shirt and the necktie on the bigger. Since CSD neckties are the same size for all ages, I actually recommend doing bowties on shirts bigger than 4t and smaller than 6m.  Those neckties are a little big on newborns and little short on 6 year olds!

This works great for more than 2 boys also. Usually mom will choose to group them and give the boys closest in age the same tie type (i.e. the 2 youngest have neckties and the oldest has a bowtie.)

3. Switch the tie color

Same suspenders, same tie style and pattern but in a different color.

4. Switch the suspender/tie colors.

If the suspenders are red and the tie green on brother #1, do green suspenders and a red tie on brother #2.  

5. Same colors, different patterns.

Give both boys the same color suspenders, the same color ties, the same type of ties, but switch the tie patterns.  Give one a polka dot and the other a chevron!

This is a great choice for more than two brothers because you can add more fabrics and keep the coordination going. 

6. Throw in a cardigan. 

If one of your boys fits in sizes Newborn through 24m, you can dress him in a bowtie cardigan.  Then your older son can coordinate with the cardigan with suspenders the same color as the cardi, and a bow or necktie in the same pattern as little brother's.

7. Complementary colors.

This is the hardest combination to put together, but can give you some really fancy looking pictures!  

It's best to stick to the same Collection and not try to pair things from around the site because a lot of colors may look similar but do not match. Say your family color scheme is mint, navy, and coral.  You can do mint suspenders with a coral bowtie for the littlest guy.  And then mocha brown suspenders with a navy necktie for your older son.  These colors go together beautifully.  You can choose the same pattern for the ties or even different ones. 

As always, we are here to help! If you just can't picture something we would be glad to snap you some quick pics of ideas to make sure you love your outfits.


Ryann Kahn
Ryann Kahn

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MIranda PIeri schultz
MIranda PIeri schultz

October 05, 2016

I love your line. My son has s tie and loves it I Havnt bought anymore but I need to momma_2boys


October 04, 2016

This post was perfect! I was just trying to decide how to coordinate my sons Christmas outfits together so this was great!

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