Baby Boy 1st Christmas Keepsake Ideas

November 15, 2017 3 min read

Your baby boy's 1st Christmas is so special. 

Whether he is a few weeks old and will sleep through most of it, or 8 months old and will pull all the ornaments off the tree, having him around will make the holiday even more magical.

We all know he won't remember his first Christmas.  But of course, you will!

We rounded up some of our favorite ways to cherish those Christmas memories.

1. A special "My 1st Christmas" outfit

Our specialty here at Cuddle Sleep Dream is baby boy's 1st milestone outfits. So we have a few to choose from for each holiday, from super cozy 1st christmas outfits that are perfect for newborns or lounging... 

to an all decked out 3 piece cardigan suit....

and in between with tie outfits that are equal parts comfy and dapper.

And hey, if he's going to a church service, pictures with Santa, and lounging on Christmas Day, maybe he needs all three! 🤷

2. A wooden toy

I love classic wooden teether toys. Plus, babies loves them too, they are safe, and they always look nice in photos. The other nice thing about getting a wooden 1st christmas toy is that you can save it in his memory box.  The wood won't fade like plastic or grow mold like rubber.  

1st christmas tree toy

This sweet tree toy from Bannor toys can be personalized with a name, too. 

3. A 1st Christmas Stocking

Nothing is more classic than a Christmas stocking especially for baby's 1st christmas.

Pottery Barn Kids has so many adorable ones, which can all be personalized with your baby's name and/or "1st Christmas".  

1st christmas stocking

I'm partial to this Rudolf one!

4. A blanket

A beautiful blanket would make a perfect 1st Christmas keepsake that would be useful long after the holiday. 

red blanket

These plush blankets are so soft and come in a bunch of different sizes and colors.

5. A book

If you love keepsakes that you can get more use out of, you should consider buying a classic holiday book for your baby's 1st Christmas. 

christmas book

I've gotten a few of these I See Me books for my boys and they are so adorable. They really put a lot of unique details into the stories, beyond just the name on the cover.

6. An ornament

There are so many to choose from to fit every style!  But getting a baby's 1st Christmas ornament is a must.

This hand-stamped ornament is so simple and sweet. They also make a star shape.

1st christmas ornament

And I adore this wooden ornament, too. (At the time of writing, it looks like there are only a few left and they are outside of the U.S.)

1st christmas ornament

7. A bib

Even if you get him all dressed up in a cute little outfit, he's still gotta eat and he's still gonna make a giant mess.

We love our Bapron bibs (they are the only ones Leo can't pull off!) and they have a few special holiday prints.

christmas bib

8. A Santa Sack

These Santa Sacks are so cute and would be a sweet keepsake that you could use every year.

santa sack

9. Matching Pajamas

There are many cute choices just for babies out there, but if you want to go all out, how about a family set of personalized PJs? 

We got the snowfall set last year, but there are so many cute choices.  Christmas is the perfect time for new jammies!

matching christmas pajamas

10. Holiday Journal 

 I adore the idea of this journal, which helps you document all your family's holiday memories. 

holiday journal

It will be so sweet for your kids to be able to look back on when they are grown up and carrying on the traditions.

11. Picture Frame

You will take so many cute pictures of your baby boy's 1st Christmas. It would be sweet to have a special picture frame to put your favorite one in.  Each year at the holidays you can bring it back out to display it. 

1st christmas picture frame

We hope you love these baby boy 1st Christmas keepsake ideas! Pin this image to save them for later!

And whatever you decide, remember that personalized or handmade items take time to come in and may sell out long before the holiday.

baby boy 1st christmas keepsake ideas

Come back next week, we'll be posting baby boy 1st Christmas gift ideas.

And in the meantime, check out the rest of our baby boy Christmas outfits by clicking on these cute leggings below. ;) 

christmas leggings



Ryann Kahn
Ryann Kahn

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