Free Tie November

November 01, 2017 2 min read

Woo hoo! It's Free Tie November!! 

Wait, what?!

So the best part about our ties is that they snap on and off our outfits. 

But so many customers don't even know that when they order.  

And then you have this cute little outfit.  And then your baby boy does that pesky "getting bigger" thing and he can't wear it anymore.  And you cry and pack it away.

But it doesn't have to be that way, mama. 

Well, the growing part does unfortunately.  😭😭😭

Check this out:

There are so many reasons that is awesome, but some of them include:

  • no more outgrowing ties! You can use the same ties on bigger onesies and even tshirts
  • you can switch them during a photoshoot for easy different looks
  • you'll have a backup for when he gets who-knows-what all over it
  • you can even swap ties between kids

If you haven't read our how they work page, that has some more details and close-up pics.

So because your little man won't outgrow the ties for years, I think that's a great excuse to stock up a whole collection of them. Right? 🤷  

And that brings us to Free Tie November!!

To help your collection get started (or grow!) we are doing a few special things during the month of November. 

1. Our discounted tie of the month is like a million different ties this month.  They are also on a super sale of $3 each (ties are normally $8, ties of the month are usually $4-6). 

2. We have special Thanksgiving and Christmas ties on clearance for $2-3.

3. We will have our usual black friday weekend sale of ties (and shirts and cardigans) that are being discontinued, have minor damage, or were used during photoshoots, etc.  We fill a giant bag all year to do this sale.  Details TBA in our CSD Insiders group on Facebook

4. It's Free Tie November!!!!

More about that - for EVERY $25 spent on a qualifying purchase, you get a free tie. 

A qualifying purchase means that you bought ANYTHING with a snap on it.  For example, your purchase could be:

  • a tie and suspender onesie
  • 6 pairs of leggings +  a neckstrap
  • 13 of the clearance $2 ties

If you have anything with a snap in your cart, it qualifies.  (The only reason we have the qualifier about including a snap is because our ties need something to attach to, so we just want to make sure you understand that and have something.)

All purchases from November 1-30 are eligible. 

You get a free tie for EACH $25 spent.  So $50 = 2 ties, $75 = 3 ties, etc.

The free tie is a mystery... (cue spooky music, it is the day after Halloween after all).  So you cannot pick which free tie you want.  We promise they are not the same as the clearance or discounted ones, they are different.

Oh, and you don't have to do anything - no code, etc.  We'll just be adding them right to the packages.

Happy Tie Shopping! 


Ryann Kahn
Ryann Kahn

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