Baby Boy Shower Gift Ideas: Shop Small!

October 22, 2017 2 min read

Buying for baby boys gets a bad rap. Most people get so excited to buy baby shower gifts for little girls, but are lost when it comes to boys. 

Well, I am hear to tell you that buying a baby shower gift for a boy is at least just as fun (and I would argue more fun!).

But if you want to avoid the tired cars, puppy dogs, and "I Love Mommy" attire in the big box stores, you have to know where to look.  

Here's a list of where to find the cutest baby boy shower gifts. And the best part? These are all small, mom-owned businesses! 

1. Dapper newborn set from Cuddle Sleep Dream 

Because little girls may get bows, but little boys get bow ties! And trust me, there is nothing cuter than a newborn in a bowtie. 

boy baby shower gift ideas: coming home outfit

2. Baby book from Polka Dot Print Shop

These adorable books come in modern prints and are easy to fill out with pictures and memories.

boy baby shower gift ideas: baby book

3. Beanie from Noxx

Newborns need to keep their heads warm and their slouchie beanies will make a fashion statement, too.

boy baby shower gift ideas: beanie

4. Moxfords from Sweet n Swag

I can't get enough of this dapper little moxford style crib shoe. 

baby boy shower gift: crib shoes

5. Milestone Blanket from BatzKids

These are so cute for taking those monthly milestone pictures. There are holiday ones and a bunch of different themes.

baby boy shower gift: milestone blankets

6. Pacifier clip from Ryan and Rose

A pacifier clip is a must have and these are just so nice. (Trust me that those ones that are made from ribbon get really gross!)

baby boy shower gift: pacifier clip

7. Stuffed animal from Cuddle and Kind

Baby can't have anything in his crib just yet, but these are so sweet to pose next to in photos. I'm kind of obsessed with this lamb prince... 

baby boy shower gift: stuffed animal

8. Canvas growth chart from Shop White Loft

Eventually that tiny little newborn is going to grow taller and stand up. This sweet growth chart will look beautiful in their nursery.

baby boy shower gift: growth chart

9. Burrito Baby Swaddle from Mirando Baby Brand

Even the packaging of this blanket is hilarious.  If you have to swaddle baby in the middle of the night, at least you can get some giggles out of it. 

baby boy shower gift: burrito blanket

10. Nursing bracelet / shirt holder from Nurselet

This is such a clever little multi-use product.  It holds back mom's shirt while breastfeeding, and the rest of the time can be worn as a bracelet to remember which side baby last fed from. (Yes, mom will forget!)

baby boy shower gift: nursing bracelet

11. Teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop

These are necklaces worn by mom that give baby something to play with while teething or nursing.  They always come in such gorgeous prints!

baby boy shower gift: teething necklace

12. Rattle from Bannor Toys

Their classic wood rattles and toys can be personalized, and sure beat anything plastic you'll find in most stores. (I got one of these classic rattles and a personalized chicken for my son.)

baby boy shower gift: rattle

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baby shower ideas for boys: shop small and handmade!

There are so many small shops out there with adorable and unique clothes, toys, and other products for babies.  A good way to discover them is to follow a few shops that you love on social media and you'll start discovering more new shops as you go.  

Ryann Kahn
Ryann Kahn

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