15 Halloween Handprint/Footprint Keepsakes to Make with Baby

15 Halloween Keepsakes to Make with Baby

One of our favorite ways to make baby's Halloween special is to do a keepsake craft.

Yup, even babies can "do" a craft - most of them involve dipping a hand, foot, or finger into some washable, non-toxic paint (or this paint) and pressing.

These are my favorite keepsake crafts - ranging in artistic ability of mom and time involved.  Check 'em out and make a memory!

1. Thumbprint Pumpkin Patch This one is really cool because she gives a free printable vine to use!

Image via http://thepreschooltoolboxblog.com/

2. Handprint Spider on Canvas.  All you need to be able to paint is a web, the rest is super easy and the end result is adorable.

Image via http://thechophaus.blogspot.com/

3. Handprint Vampires. These require a little more cutting and glueing work from you for baby - or would be good for a preschooler.

4. Handprint Ghosts. These look super easy and are so cute!

5. Spider Handprint + Ghost footprint.  This one is great for two kids since it has a hand and foot in the same craft.

image via https://ipinnedit.wordpress.com

6. Candy Corn Footprint.  A classic and comes out so cute! Really nice, easy instructions here.

7. Smell my Feet Treat Plate. Might be my favorite! I love that this is so functional, you create an actual treat plate to use every year.

8. Paper Spider Hands. Looking for something super cute with no paint?? Check this one out!

Image via http://thrivinghomeblog.com/

9. Footprint Mummies. These are adorable and don't need much more work than just the paint dip.

10. Hand and Foot Dough Pumpkins. The dough hardens to make an adorable keepsake!

Image via http://parkersmommy22.blogspot.com/

11. Ghost Footprint Door Sign. This one is a Silhouette craft and definitely takes some time and skill, but it's so cute and something you are sure to decorate with every year!

Image via http://www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com/

12. Dough Pumpkin with Photo. This one takes a little more time too, but it's so sweet with a handprint and a picture.

13. Ghost Footprint with Photo in Frame. Here's a super easy one! I wish I could find the original source, but it's just a quick ghost print and then a picture in a double frame. (Make it extra special with a csd outfit in the photo!)

14. Boo Door Sign. Easy and cute decor!

15. Ghost Family Footprints. Really easy and adorable for more than 1 kid.

Which one do you think you'll make this year?

We also have all of these and hundreds of other ideas pinned to our Halloween pinterest board!

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  • Jessica Conklin

    These are all SUPER cute ideas!! I’m going to be making a few of these with my son next week when we are at my mother’s house :)

  • Douglas Longo

    I love all these ideas this is our 1st official Halloween w our son he was being born in the hospital last yr so I’d really like to do some of these awesome ideas w him this yr to save in the baby book as Halloween keepsakes! Great ideas! Thanks

  • Bobbie Bocox

    My daughter and grandson will be visiting here for next two weeks. We are definitely going to be making one of these keepsakes.

  • Ashley Taylor

    I love this!!! I’ve been behind on all my normal crafts but instead I can do a holiday craft. Love this idea!!!

  • Nicole Williams

    These ideas are brilliant! Can’t wait to try one!

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