5 Ways to Make His First Halloween Special

by Jess W.

I am SO excited about the upcoming holiday. Those of you who have little men, you’re probably equally excited. It is a lot of fun to think about Halloween and all of the ways in which you will make it special. Check out these tips for making his 1st Halloween really special.

1. Do a keepsake

One of my favorite things to do for a first time holiday, especially Halloween is a keepsake. You know, making a spider out of a tiny little handprint or something like that. You can even keep it basic and dip his hands or feet in orange and black paint and put “Halloween 20XX” on it. These little momentous mean so much to you as the kiddos get bigger. Here are 15 that we love!

2. Participate in Trunk or Treat

If your baby boy isn’t quite old enough to experience the cold outdoors on Halloween (hopefully, you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm). Anyway, a trunk or treat is an alternative to going door to door on Halloween night. Plus, you can dress your baby up incredibly cute.

3. Mom can dress up

You can make his 1st Halloween special by seeing you dressed up. Halloween is a lot more fun when you have kids because they seem to get a kick out of what you are wearing. Not that a baby will really notice, but it will still be fun. I say have a little fun with dressing up for his first Halloween.

4. Host a baby Halloween party

I am squealing at the thought of all of the cuteness. Invite all of the baby friends over and have a baby Halloween party! You can have snacks and a dress up contest for the adults. The babies will all look adorable in their little Halloween outfits.

5. Order a cute outfit for your little man

Okay, want to make Halloween extra special for you and your little man? Order a cute outfit for the occasion. Halloween has never been more fun than when you can dress him up in something adorable. You need to see these adorable Halloween Writing Ties for your baby boy. I’m also loving the Spider Ties (so adorable). I’m sure you will have no problem choosing something with all these adorable baby boy halloween shirt options.

Now that you have some awesome ideas to make his 1st Halloween special, I would love to hear your ideas!

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  • Angie Bulsterbaum

    Omg! I am so excited for all of this! We will (hopefully) be fostering a 6 month old baby boy (we find out on the 19th) & are so excited for the upcoming holidays! We definitely want to make his 1st holidays something he can look back on & smile :)

  • Erica

    I love all the ideas. I will definitely be doing one of these this year!

  • Susan Howard

    We are excited for Halloween and will trunk or treat and dress up as a family of scarecrows

  • BLisse FRaZier

    I’m obsessed with the skull and snowman tie❤️

  • Cassandra Hankins

    Love the baby party idea!

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