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UPDATE 9/14/17: We just updated our pattern sizing again! All of the new fall cardis now come in sizes: NB, 3m, 6m, 12m, & 18m.  The 12m is like a 6-12m (we found our 9m and 12m sizes were almost exactly the same...)  and you can get it with either the 9m or 12m under-onesie.


Hi Mamas!

I'm Ryann, the maker behind Cuddle Sleep Dream (you can read more about me and CSD here). 

I get a lot of questions about our cardigans, so I wanted to take a minute to give you a quick tour of them and answer some FAQs.

cardigan onesies

1. Why CSD Cardis are Special

I started making cardigan onesies in late 2013.  Like most cardigan onesies that are available, I used to make mine by cutting up a Carter's onesie, adding trim, and stitching it back together.

It looked like this:

christmas cardigan onesie

They are cute, but there were a few problems I thought I could make better.

So, with the help of a pattern maker, I created an original pattern for cardigan onesies that fixed all of these issues and made them even cuter and nicer. 

Here's the inside of one of the very first ones to be branded CSD!

With each batch of cardigans, we've made tweaks to the pattern and the way we do them. 

We've switched tags, buttons, snaps, and fabrics to keep making them better.

This year, we finished a really big project to digitize our pattern and made a significant change to the fit (we heard requests to make them wider and shorter). The red and green cardigans are the first to be made with the new pattern.

We also just started making a toddler cardigan, with red and green being our first colors.

 I put a lot of love into these and have so many more ideas for them coming up!

 2. Cardi Tour

All of the cardigan onesies have "fake" buttons - meaning you can't open and close them; they are stitched through both layers of fabric and you pull the cardi over baby's head.

The toddler cardigans have working buttons, so you can wear them open or closed.

We mostly use an American 100% cotton ribbed fabric to make them, but a few are a 95% cotton / 5% spandex blend.

(And every once in a while, we still make a few of the old Carters kind - when they have a fabric design we love!)

3. Sizing

Our pattern version 1.0 cardigans (navy, gray, mint, burnt orange, red/gray striped, white, and buffalo plaid) run a little long and lean.  But you can still buy according to the size your child wears in Carters.

Our red and green cardigans run only slightly shorter, but significantly wider.  So if your little guy is short and chubby, you can probably size down from what he wears in Carters.

All of the cardigans have shrinkage built into the pattern - meaning that they will look a little big until you wash them (warm water and medium dryer, no need to take special care!).

Here's a size newborn cardigan before and after washing:

Here is a size newborn compared to a carters onesie - both have been washed.

You can expect the same type of shrinkage with toddler cardigans.  They are sized generously, if you want a more fitted look, or are between sizes, please size down. 

4. Set Options

All of our cardigans are available as "cardigan only" or with some sort of bowtie combination. 

If you want a bowtie, please be aware that our bowties are interchangeable via snaps (which is really fun, read more about it here). Here's what they look like on the back:

So if you want a bowtie popping out from the cardigan (and who doesn't love that?!) you can't get just the cardigan and a bowtie, you'll need a onesie, tshirt, or neckstrap to attach the tie to. 

Once you have a onesie with snaps, you can use it with any of the ties in the shop.  And you can use it under any of the cardigans as well.

For toddler cardigans, you can get a tshirt with or without suspenders, or a neckstrap to use the ties with a button down shirt.

5. Outfit Ideas

On Friday, we had an amazing photoshoot with our crazy-talented photographer Allicia of Crush Photography (seriously, if you are in the Philadelphia-area, you need to book a session with her!  She does all of CSD's shoots and I am always blown away with the pictures.)

For babies, we recommend pairing cardigans with leg warmers (we have red and green/white striped ones) 

or jeans

or even no pants!

Bigger boys can wear them with jeans or khakis.

Siblings can wear matching colors

or coordinate.

or wrestle.

We also have literally hundreds of ties to choose from.

6. What colors are available?

We release new colors seasonally.  You can check out the colors currently available here:

We always make the cardigans in runs (batches), never one at a time, so new colors come out slowly, usually 1-2 new colors at a time. 

Occasionally we'll have enough fabric to do a restock when a size runs out, but not always, so be sure to grab it when you see one you love.

We do take suggestions, so if there is a color or pattern you want, let me know in the comments below!


  • Erin

    I would love to see a mustard cardi next! Or a blue plaid. I’m very excited to see the toddler sizes now too

  • Brittany Comstock

    Other then love all the cardigans, I’d love to see a all black one with white trim would go amazing with the gold ties! Have an obsession with the gold ties right now!

  • Iris Garza Acosta

    I would love the color hunter green or even camp!

  • KIm MCGee

    Buffalo plaid or mint green. Size 2t! Thank you for the opportunity ?

  • Mallory

    I’d love to see a bright blue, or maybe a teal.

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