9+ Creative Halloween Costumes for Boys (with ties!)

Looking for some fresh or last minute inspiration for a Halloween costume for your baby boy?  One of our ready-to-ship tie outfits plus a few accessories can go a long way to creating something adorable and one of a kind.  Check out some of our favorite ideas below!  

Baby Boy Halloween Costume Ideas with Ties

1. Vampire!

This little guy's vampire costume uses our Valentine's Houndstooth bowtie outfit with a cape to make the most dapper Dracula in town!

Boys Vampire Dracula Costume

Thanks @livin_as_samson !

2. James Bond

A classic all-black outfit + a suit jacket and some shades will turn your little guy into the coolest baby spy.

Baby James Bond Costume

Thanks @trendsettin_toddlers !

3. Leprechaun

Our St. Patrick's Day outfit with a cute hat turns baby into an adorable leprechaun!

Baby Boy Leprechaun Costume

Thanks @sweetbubbyjames !

4. Uncle Sam

Just add a 4th of July hat and some leftover patriotic props to our 4th of July set.  If your son is a little older, you could even throw on a beard!

5. Tin Man

A custom space outfit (add a heart to the spacesuit tie and swap dark gray suspenders) plus a painted funnel hat make this little guy the cutest Tin Man costumer!

Baby Boy Tin Man Costume

Thanks @crush_studiollc !

6. Old Man

Dressing up babies as old men is so funny.  A little make-up and a walker go a long way! I can definitely picture an older gentlemen in our dapper flannel outfit in all brown.

7. Pumpkin

The orange & orange outfit can be turned into a classic and cute pumpkin costume.  Try adding green striped leggings or a little hat (or even a tutu for a little girl!) to complete the look.

baby boy pumpkin outfit

8. Cupid

Pick any of our heartbreaker outfits and give your little guy a big smooch on the cheek for an adorable cupid costume.

9. The White Rabbit / Nivens McTwist

Get another use out of those adorable easter bunny ears and pair them with pretty much any light colored spring bowtie outfit and a blazer jacket to get the look of the White Rabbit. 

White Rabbit baby costume

Thanks @crush_studiollc !

10. Beetlejuice!

This whole look is just so amazing! We decided to add a listing for it so you can get the whole thing. 

11. Custom Ideas!

Have a little more time to spare before the holiday? Get creative with your tie and suspender choices and get something custom made to match your theme.  

Did your little guy wear Cuddle Sleep Dream for a Halloween costume? We'd love to add on to this list, so keep sending those pics!


  • Melia Yount

    Love all of these ideas! The tin man and bunny are definitely my favorites though!!!

  • Gabby

    What simply cute ideas! Thanks!

  • Douglas Longo

    How cute r these ideas! My fav is the tin man I was looking online for cute easy ideas 4 lil ones n these r absolutely perfect!

  • AManda

    Loveeee your Halloween ideas! So cute my son is being an old man! Love it thanks!

  • kel belle

    ohhhh my goodness what adorable ideas for cute halloween costumes. love all these ideas!!

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