Boy 1st Birthday Outfit Ideas

Looking for a 1st birthday outfit for your baby boy? Here are some ideas to get you inspired!

 Birthday Outfit Ideas on the Blog

What to Consider when Choosing a 1st Birthday Outfit:

  • Do you want a theme?
  • Casual or dressy?
  • Personalized or not?
  • Has a big number/word number?
  • Are you doing a cake smash?

Our 1st Birthday Outfits for Boys

Our 1st birthday outfit selection includes:

  • Onesies with snap on ties that can be saved as keepsakes
  • Onesies and tshirts that can be personalized
  • Matching bottoms, including leg warmers and leggings
  • Ties with neckstraps for cake smash photos
  • More casual graphics and dressier tie outfits

    Gallery of Real Customer Birthday Outfits

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